A content writing and content marketing guide for 2018 https://storage.unitedwebnetwork.com/files/370/6a58be94f07aac6f01ae64b2e576b962.png

A content writing and content marketing guide for 2018

A content writing and content marketing guide for 2018

“Content is not only the king, Its everything why search started in the first place” - Shikha Kedia

Why did search start in the first place? It’s because of the quest we all had for the right content. The hunt for right information and knowledge led to the popularity of search engines. The fact will always remain true that people continue to rifle over search engines for right content. As SEO Experts and writers we should understand that people come first and the Google search algorithm and updates are only ways to show valuable and right content to people in the form of your web pages.

Which means content and SEO has to happen simultaneously. Without content, your efforts on SEO are seriously faded.

To grow your audience or visibility you always have to feed them with fresh organic content. You cannot challenge the power of words. If you have doubts over this, try not to create content and see the results! All your audience wants is good content. This is evident from the fact that

  • 20% time of internet users is spent reading online.
  • 68% people spend time reading content from brands and blog they trust

Now the question comes - how to write the finest content and device content marketing strategy in order to get the best customer experience. This strategy will define what content you should write.

When you are planning your content writing strategy keep the following things in mind:

  • Content should be dedicated on creating a brand image via story telling. It should not be selling your product or service directly but telling stories on how your product and service would be beneficial for them.
  • The content should clearly cite out benefits for the target audience. Your audience should gain something out of your content. Be it education, information or at least finding your content entertaining.
  • The content has to relevant for your audience in a sense that it should match there interest areas and instantly makes them feel the connect. Your content should be something they want to trust.
  • Accept the fact that your content will get the attention of just a glance by the user. So be methodical and be brief. The length of the content doesn’t matter-long or short, as it needs to be!

“If you ain’t marketing your content, your content doesn’t add value to your ranks.” - Shikha Kedia

So our next challenge is how to market your content. Content marketing is an important part of your SEO content writing strategy. Reaching the right audience is the key. Even when you have written the best of content, if it doesn’t reach people it cannot make the required impact on Search Engine ranks.

Connecting your content to social platforms and guest blogging is the most important part of your content marketing strategy. You should also invite influencers to share your content amongst there followers.

So let your pen flow now! Also know about the  ethical practices professional seo service providers should follow or discover on page seo techniques you should know in 2018 and achieve phenomenal rank improvements for your website today.

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