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Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Post Covid 19

In no time, human history was the population so conscious of the economic consequences of an epidemic. Initially, the response to the COVID-19 outbreak ranged from sheer panic to brands doing what they could before the obvious and inevitable shutdown. But while the COVID-19 situation has become an indelible disaster for many businesses, hundreds of others have suffered the consequences. Industries were establishing their presence online even before the pandemic hit.

Rise of a digital planet

The future is now, and it is digital. More and more people are shopping for everyday necessities and luxuries online. From groceries to sanitisers and from clothes to washing machines, the need to physically move from store to store is fading. And, as consumer behaviour changes, so do traditional marketing trends. With that in mind, here are the emerging trends that one can expect to see in malaysia digital marketing.

Top 7 emerging trends for Digital Marketing in a post-COVID-19

1.SEO for Voice Search

The next frontier in SEO is Voice Search. If they can use voice-activated AI assistants on their gadgets or use their smartphones as walkie-talkies, even more users may choose to talk to their search bar rather than type.

2.Exploring Adblockers

Studies show that 27% of internet users are expected to have some sort of ad blocker installed, which can eat into the revenue of various digital marketing strategies significantly. Marketers can find ways to avoid ad blockers so that ad blocker's makers can promote their apps and close the gap.

3.Non-Linear Customer Journey

Changes in consumer behavior result in less emphasis on the linear consumer journey, frog-marches through a guided awareness-thought-decision process, and renewed importance on a scattered array of touchpoints keeps. Which make a brand ubiquitous in the daily life of the customer.

4.Video Ads

App developers are now upgrading their functionality to the extent that it can generate user satisfaction and reduce variation between multiple products. To engage consumers, companies promote those features on their own, making it the best option for advertisers to highlight their offerings. In addition to being practical and interactive, they often communicate large chunks of data in a relatively short amount of time.

5.Artificial Intelligence for Non-Linear Consumer Journeys

AI is being applied in all different directions, across diverse corporate methods and advertisements. Users largely ignore and unsubscribe from blasted email promotions, preferring flashy websites over monotonous ones. Using machine learning is one form of generating stimulating, customizable interactions without having to recruit hundreds of creatives and designers.

6.Increasing Use of Multi-Channels for Marketing

These are the most demanded tools in the digital marketing industry in the present scenario. Omnichannel marketing is the practice of marketing across multiple platforms including social media, apps, website blogs and the use of SEO/SEM to drive traffic to specified digital spaces. Organizations are opting for paid media promotions where you bid for the top position for your desired audience and you get the top spot based on Google's calculations. It has become the easiest and fastest way to put yourself in front of your audience. Similarly, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is making sure that the brand gets positioned right among your target audience to motivate them to browse through it. This approach enables businesses to connect with customers at more digital touchpoints, effectively providing a better user experience.

7.Return on Investment Driven Marketing

Brands today are in crisis for cash and are looking for ways to market their product/service in the most economical yet effective way. Gone are the days when brands used to spend millions on billboards or newspaper advertisements in the hope that the right people would see it and buy their product. Today brands have become more mature. They want to know every penny being spent and digital marketing is doing just that for them. Using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc., brands now know how much money is being spent on which segment, what type of targeting was used, who was being targeted, what was the result, conversions What is the rate and on and on. It is now very transparent with the help of advanced tools that make it easier to customize and create better ads.

Overall, the overall digital marketing evolution has transformed the way we do business and changed it for good. Things have become contactless now but thanks to technology the experience has only grown. The pandemic tried to slow things down, but the community has found ways to fight back and come up with amazing solutions to make our lives easier.