Growth Hacking techniques for SEO

How to hire the best SEO company in Malaysia?

Growth hacking and experimenting to achieve optimum results has always been our primary goal.
We tried one such experimental trick a few months back for SEO and ta-da ... the results were frivolous! We achieved 3 times more traffic in a span of just 3 months!

What did we do?
Link building STOPPED: traffic DOUBLED!

Google algorithms are no more about more link building. Non-relevant links can actually harm the website's ranking and traffic, big time. 
We run many growth hacking tricks every year on SEO, and this time we started an experimental link building campaign for one of our clients who are into cloud-based contact centre solutions. We used a very specific and unique technique to build about 4-5 backlinks/day on random websites (genuine ones though) just to test what happens. The findings were interesting: 

  • the link building initially boosted the website on Google initially but soon the growth was stagnantly plateaued for a few months.
  • After that the traffic suddenly dropped. We just didn't know what to do and decided to stop all link building activities.

What happened next?

Suddenly the website's traffic almost instantly doubled!!! Not only it doubled instantly but also showed good growth even after that in the coming months.

The findings suggest that even though general links might work in certain, general niches - for sensitive niches the link building activities on non-relevant websites can actually harm, instead of boosting your rankings! 

Lesson learned

Make sure that when you build links, it is always done on the most relevant page/website, i.e. the heading and the body of the content is about the topic of the targeted website.