The Art of Mastering B2B LinkedIn Ads

The Art of Mastering B2B LinkedIn Ads

Advertising on LinkedIn can be fruitful for B2B companies since LinkedIn is ideally a social media business ad platform. LinkedIn also offers great conversion rate on gated educational content and delivers quality leads which end up matching your preferred buyer profile.

Although getting the results is no cakewalk. You have to work hard towards it. Creating LinkedIn ads, especially the ones which convert is no easy task, It takes time and testing to create the LinkedIn ads that give results. In this article, we will go through the practices by which you can create quality LinkedIn ads with strong content.

Promoting The Right Offer

It is important to understand the platform that you have chosen for your ads and the content for your ads needs to be in accordance with that. You should promote something which strikes a chord with your LinkedIn audience. LinkedIn is heavily reliant on educational content and your content should be in accordance with that. Suppose you promote a sales-related offer it has fewer chances of working. Instead, if you promote or share an ebook, infographic or webinar, that would be more impactful.

Using Images or Videos

The image you use should reflect your offer’s value properly. Choosing a simple design over a fancy one would be better, one which is not text-heavy and one which an eye can read in a glance. Using bright colours is usually recommended by LinkedIn so that it catches the eye of the users easily. In the case of a video, something of 30 seconds or less should suffice. Your aim should be creating something which is short and highlights only the benefits of your offer.

Including a Strong Call-To-Action

Nowadays people are a little lethargic, due to the advancement of technology and the fact that with each passing day, things are becoming easily accessible to them online without any effort. So keeping this in mind, your ad should have actionable language like “Try”, “Download”, “Sign Up”, “Subscribe” etc, so that once the user clicks on any of these, it redirects them to the offer directly with minimum effort. This won’t lead to any confusion of the user’s part and he will be able to access the offer quite easily.

Taking Advantage of The Multiple Areas of Targetting

In LinkedIn, you get the privilege to set your target audience on the basis of an array of options. The goal of your ad will influence the targeting. For starters, you can target based on job titles. Although the job title isn’t enough, you should also look at other areas like company size or skills which people add to their profile in order to showcase their areas of expertise, and are recommended according to that. In order to get significant results you need an audience size of approximately 300,000

Tracking Link is Necessary

Using a tracking link is important as it helps you in validating the success of your ads. You can use free tracking tools like the campaign URL builder in Google Analytics, or the WordPress. Tracking Link Generator, in case you don’t have any tool. Tracking links also help you in connecting ROI with your efforts, so that makes it even more necessary. Getting a tracking link should be in your priority list while posting ads on LinkedIn