Search Engine Marketing

All activities undertaken to market your brand on Search Engine and Social Media through online advertisements falls under this service category.

This includes Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, Facebook Advertisement and other variety of targeted ads. It may give you an instant high visibility of being on "First Page" of the search results. It is ideal for start-ups, or for business who want instant brand visibility, or need huge traffic flow for a particular season unlike SEO which has a longer gestation period.

Why Choose Us?

We customize and plan each campaign based on proven data and requirements of clients. Our experienced team pays attention to every detail and campaigns are planned after proper testing and analysis.

What We Do?

  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Advertising

    Facebook has billions of active users. Ads can be set to target a specific audience, based on location and interest groups which makes this an affordable and effective way to reach your target audience.

  • Instagram Advertising

    Instagram Advertising

    Instagram has recently gained a lot of popularity and has a massive active users list. Instagram ads can we used as a “shopping spark” which ultimately generates interest and sales.

  • PPC Advertising

    PPC Advertising

    It allows clients to bid for ad placement in Google search “sponsored links” section when someone searches for related keyword. Our team helps to achieve high ROI when it comes to PPC advertising.

  • YouTube Advertising

    YouTube Advertising

    YouTube Advertising is now the main part of our SEM strategies because videos are the new age marketing tactic. BitQuest can optimize and setup the Ads on YouTube effectively.

  •  Remarketing Advertising

    Remarketing Advertising

    Remarketing Ads is and will always be the most effective advertisement strategy as it is all about reaching your prospective leads who have taken interest in your product and service in the past.

  • LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn is now the place to be for businesses. The platform might not have billions of users like Facebook or Instagram but it is definitely a trustworthy source of professional content and users.