5 Things You Should Avoid to Succeed at Work

5 Things You Should Avoid to Succeed at Work

Everyone aspires to succeed at work. Be it putting in longer hours or striving to finish first the given assignments and responsibilities. But are you succeeding? Are you accomplishing what you set out to do or are you a hindrance to your own success? No matter how hard you think you are working, there are certain actions that you take which work against you and keep you away from the recognition and success that you deserve.

Check out 5 things that you should "never" do in order to succeed at your workplace.

Micromanaging Everything

You were not hired to do everything. So don’t try to control every aspect of the workings in the company. Micromanaging leads to added problems and less expertise. Learn to delegate your tasks to people you think would manage it better than you. Remember, being a part of everything is not a shortcut to success. Micromanaging also makes it difficult for you to do your own job.

Saying Yes to All

You are not a superhero, so don’t go around saying yes to every tempting opportunity you get. No matter how many “great” projects come along, indulging yourself in each of them is a recipe for disaster. Instead, choose projects that you want to be involved in and give it your best! That way, not only would your focus be at your prime, you’d also be able to work up a storm and create a difference. More self-indulgence would lead to better creative juices to flow in your left brain.

Surrounding Yourself with Negativity

Negativity is dangerous not just for your professional health but also for your personal health. In any workplace or industry, you would come across a few who tend to always spread negativity around them. Such people are a bane to your mental peace and often a reason for the lack of enthusiasm in the workplace. Negative vibes lead to negative results so if people around you bring your morale down, you need to cut them loose. Make sure to surround yourself with positivity for a positive approach towards the day. A peaceful or lighthearted workplace atmosphere encourages productivity.

Yearning Affirmation

Thinking about how other people will react or what they would think about you, is the first step you take away from your success. There is absolutely no need to be a people pleaser and always stand on your toes for other people’s approval. You do not need their affirmation for every action that you take. It is important to understand and believe yourself. How you think about yourself or the action that you have taken should be of primary concern. Learn to think from your brain and not by what others 'might think of you'.


Hope this was helpful for you. Now you know what are the things that you need to avoid in your workplace so that your success faces no other hindrance other than your compassion and hard work. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list. Visit www.bitquest.net to know more about us.