6 things to keep in mind when planning a post for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is slowly rising as the most trusted platform for working professionals; in fact, having a LinkedIn presence is gradually being deemed very important for business owners and working professionals. You can not only connect with fellow professionals but also increase your brand’s presence online by sharing compelling and relevant content online. But often we have people questioning what to post on LinkedIn? How to boost user interest in your posts? Well, fret not, we are here to help you!

Here are 6 things you need to understand when planning a post for LinkedIn:

Length is not important

You hear people say, that short and concise content is what draws your audience towards your content. But we find this statement far from the truth because we often see, lengthy and informative posts doing really well on the platform. Similarly, we often see concise posts bringing in excellent traction. Confused? So were we. Hence after thorough research, we concluded that it is not the number of words or the length of your post that counts, it is the statement you make through your post that brings in the impact. So the next time, while creating a post, see whether the statement you are trying to put across has some ground to stand on or not.

Captivating headlines

We all know how short a user’s attention span is. Hence within seconds, one needs to catch the reader’s eye! Writers have just 3 seconds to keep the readers hooked with the content. Eye-catching introduction or headlines can lead your crowd to the main point. So make it appealing! One of the best ways is to work with exciting content and keep your headlines crisp. Your headlines pave the way for the rest of your content. If a reader likes your title, only then will they bother to read it.

Hard selling is a big NO

LinkedIn is considered the best platform for B2B, and it is most effective when you use it as a platform to build relationships. However, it is most definitely not the place to broadcast your sales material. Blatant sales pitches in status updates will often be ignored by your connections and can, in some cases, hurt how they see your brand. AVOID posting hard sales pitch posts as they may do more harm to your brand than good.

Post for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is happy when you keep the audience within the platform. What does that mean? It’s very simple. If you post content directly on LinkedIn, your posts are appreciated by LinkedIn meaning the reach is much better than outward links (links that take their audience away from the platform). This includes all your posts, videos, blogs, articles.

But, what if you have a company page and want to share your blogs there? Since LinkedIn presently does not allow posting articles on your company page directly. Here’s a pro tip you can try- [Post your articles directly from the account of your company’s verified face (CEO or Manager) & share it with your company page from that account.]

Share relevant content

The key is to consistently share information that interests your clients. Industry-adjacent content gives you the opportunity to showcase other topics you’re familiar with that could be helpful to clients. LinkedIn post ideas can be seasonal maintenance tasks or tips for increasing efficiency. LinkedIn loves the “How to” posts. Share content that makes sense coming from you and makes you look like a pro.

Relevant and trending content is also great for LinkedIn post ideas. Share new blog posts, stories from industry journals, or whatever you find that’s trending and of concern to either you, your industry, or the network of followers you’ve amassed. Sharing trends and staying up-to-date on research helps promote you as a thought leader within your own network. It also places you as a professional who’s always in the know.

Be authentic

Just like any other social media, it is crucial to remain AUTHENTIC on LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn is a professional platform, hence not only do you need to be relevant, but original as well. Always look towards posting content that resonates well with your social network. People like to read and share content that adds value to their lives.

So, the next time you plan a post on your LinkedIn, make sure to be relevant and follow the above tips. There is never a sure-shot formula to success, but we always keep strategizing and rebuilding the plans to yield the best results. That’s what marketing is all about!

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