How and why to advertise on TikTok

Do you use TikTok for your business? Do you want to know how to advertise on TikTok? You'll discover how to generate TikTok ads to advertise your products or services in this article. By launching a hashtag contest, you can promote your business on TikTok. A hashtag challenge is when you promote and add your brand’s hashtag to TikTok users to make or recreate content.

Expand your business with TikTok ads:

TikTok is a really famous app now with more than 500 million active monthly users worldwide. It is a short mobile video-sharing app that enables users to capture and share videos for up to 60 seconds. Different types of videos can be posted in the app, such as Montages, Comedy Shorts, Duets, etc. Many of us have heard about TikTok and maybe using it on a daily basis, but have you ever considered using TikTok to market your brand? Currently, there are only a few marketers that actively promote their brand over TikTok. Maybe the explanation behind this is that most people don't know the advantages of TikTok marketing and still don't use this platform properly yet.

Are TikTok Ads beneficial for your Business?

TikTok provides a tremendous opportunity for advertisers, with more than 500 million active users worldwide. Not only has TikTok expanded popularity over Twitter and Snapchat but it's also less loaded with advertisements than its older equivalents. With its exceptional virality, the visual app, which enables users to edit and upload 15-second videos with built-in filters, effects, and music, has absolutely shaken the marketing environment. The TikTok Ads platform is unlike many of its predecessors, with its advanced targeting and exclusive ad development features. This can help you tap into one of the most profitable pools of users when used productively.

What is your business's demographic target?

If the younger people are one of your business ' key audiences, TikTok advertising could be a worthwhile investment for you. For 66 percent of TikTok's users younger than 30 (41 percent of TikTok's users are aged 16–24), this is not the right business forum for older people. It is worth noting, however, that while the current audience of TikTok is predominantly young, social networks appear to be embraced first by younger audiences, and then based on older demographics. So it might still be worth learning more about the platform to stay forward of the curve, even though at this point, TikTok isn't the right fit for your business.

Do you have the proper budget to advertise on TikTok?

Though bigger businesses such as Nike, Disney, and Grubhub have quickly taken on TikTok advertisements to drive massive views, TikTok ads may be less accessible for smaller businesses. Since advertisements are fresh and uncommon on the web, they come at premium costs that start at an average of $10 per CPM and can go up to a total budget of $300,000 for bigger promotions. Furthermore, TikTok campaigns require a minimum investment of $500 so if you are looking for more inexpensive and reliable advertising options they might not be a great fit for your company. If you choose that TikTok ads are a worthwhile investment for your company, here is how to get started.

1.Create a TikTok ads account:

Visit the TikTok Ads home page to create your first ad campaign, and press the Create an Ad button. Since TikTok Ads is still in beta, the ad set up process is not yet fully available. Once you click on the button, a form will pop up asking for details to set up your account. Upon submission of this information, a representative will contact you to set up your TikTok Ads account.

2.Create an ad campaign on TikTok:

Click the Advertising tab at the top of the page in the TikTok Ads dashboard, and then click the Build button. First, choose a campaign target, which is your ad's initial goal. You can choose from three choices as of this writing- Traffic, Conversions, and Download the App. Choose either the Daily Budget option or the Total Budget option under Settings to adjust your budget to the campaign level. Remember that the daily budget must be at least $500, as well as the total budget.

3.Set your TikTok Advertising, Information, and Targeting:

The following step is to create a campaign ad association, and pick your placements and targeting. One of the TikTok Ads dashboard's most useful features is that it lets you choose the specific channels on which you would like to run your ads. Follow the prompts to enter all the information required to start running your ad, including any related URLs, show names, photos, and categories, after you have selected your preferred placements. You can also choose up to 20 keywords to describe your website or app, which will then be used to match the right audience for your products. You can make a custom audience by uploading the IDs of current TikTok users if you have a particular group of people in mind to target on TikTok.

4.Check the budget, length, and goals of your TikTok ad:

Set the budget for the ad category within the segment Budget & Schedule. You can either arrange a daily budget (the amount you are willing to spend each day) or a combined budget (the total amount you are willing to spend for the planned period). Note that at the ad group level, there's a minimum of $50 for the daily budget and total budget. First, set your budget pace which will dictate the speed at which your budget will be spent. The Standard Delivery Option spaces your budget equally over the campaign continuation while the accelerate option spends the budget as quickly as possible over the scheduled time.

Benefits of using TikTok marketing for your brand:

Great platform to target a huge audience base: Within a short span of time, TikTok has gained incredible popularity and becomes one of the most downloaded apps. It has more than 1 billion active monthly users according to the facts, while some other sources report 500 million active monthly users. This is really a huge audience base that companies can use to market their products and services.

Huge interaction with users:

Because of the specific distribution algorithms of TikTok it is simple to get higher engagement with much less effort on your videos. Even if your account is new and you have zero followers, your TikTok videos could go viral. 90 percent of TikTok users use the device multiple times a day, which boosts the dedication.

The benefits of localization:

Localization is another benefit on TikTok where many creators can be found coming from specific locations and making group videos. Although TikTok is a global app that operates in over 140 countries, multi-location companies can easily create localized marketing campaigns for their promotions in different languages.

Local creators:

TikTok has several popular originators who come from small cities and have over 10,000 fans, and on TikTok, we can call them micro-influencers as well. These creators are very popular among their localities, and their followers are well known.

Using as an Own Marketing Channel:

Like YouTube, TikTok also helps businesses to create their own branded marketing platform. TikTok will check it and use this platform to create useful branded videos, and make sure the content is qualitative. You can publish your short marketing videos here, and use TikTok brand partnerships to promote your brand.

Choose your optimization goal:

Your optimization goal describes the key metric that you are expecting to achieve with your campaign. You can choose to customize your ad group for Conversion, Select, or Impression and your bid will be tailored based on the target you choose. If you choose Exchange as your target, the people most likely to transform for your product or service will be served with your advert. To monitor all the acts that indicate a conversion build conversion events by clicking the Library and selecting Conversions.

You can create and design your ad by using TikTok’s video creation kit

The process is reasonably straightforward when it comes to designing the creative assets to your ad. TikTok advertising can be videos and pictures horizontally, vertically or firmly. The most beneficial thing about the advertising platform is a tool called the Video Creation Kit, which provides you to create video and image templates using your real files. It also appears with 300 + Free Background Music options.

Now TikTok facilitates the following types of ads- brand takeovers, in-feed ads and hashtag provocations.

Lip-syncing videos are popular, but parkour moves, brand promotion, magic filters, and other stunts are also small videos. One of TikTok's most useful features is its editing tools, which grant users with the resources to create fun videos. It has some impressive features, like being able to record your reaction to a video as you view it. McDonald's was operating directly with TikTok in Malaysia, the multi-national fast-food chain, to generate a contest called the #BigMacTikTok Challenge. Users were also expected to submit their entries via the official McDonald's mobile app after creating the video. Both competitors have won a free Big Mac and a few lucky winners have danced away with cash prizes individually. That's not to say at some point the device isn't going to move in that direction, because it can't be free forever.


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