How to Generate Leads with Content Marketing

Do you feel defeated when you try to think of ways to generate leads for your business? This is happening and even failing for many business owners and marketers because they have no idea how to grow enough leads or potential customers. They fail to move web visitors from the awareness phase to the thought phase. They think that, by asking someone to buy from them, they will make a sale. But they are wrong. Here is the dirty truth about human psychology: People do not go to buy from you unless you give something beneficial. You should be attracted to valuable and informative content. Then move them down the funnel by directing them to your email form. When they become email subscribers, you have a better opportunity to introduce yourself and explain how you can help them. Here are some of the best methods for which I have tried, tested and observed to produce excellent results.

Produce an e-book

According to an industry forecast by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), total revenue from e-book was approximately $ 8.7 billion in 2018, an increase of over 3,000% since 2008. What's more, the United States was expected to reach 112 million e-book readers by 2020. All of this represents a huge market that is awaiting exploitation, which is why creating and releasing e-books is a strategy that has proved highly effective in capturing leads. Obviously, you will not have to pay a fee for your e-book. As a free resource, it provides a front up, increasing your chances of entering the funnel.

Educate potential leads

A well-written e-book should provide readers with some real value that can move away from specific answers to the questions that urged them to read the content. An e-book is usually the first point of contact between you and the reader, so it is very important that you give the information you provided on your landing page or email, otherwise you will end your reputation and any relationship with your audience.

Develop a Buyer (Customer) Persona

Do you know that it is possible to generate a ton of leads and not a single sale? The basic principle of creating content is that it should adapt to your ideal audience. If you create content that is not for your ideal audience, then you cannot generate any leads or get unauthorized leads, which will not turn into sales, which is not what generates any leads. Even worse because you will be wasting away. Valuable resources are trying to convert low-potential leads. Before you start with content marketing, you need to first locate your target audience and create a buyer personality for them.

Choose the Content-Type that Suits Your Audience

There are hundreds of types of content available, and for your content marketing efforts to have a profitable ROI, you will need to create content that suits your audience. There are two main reasons why you will do a content marketing campaign. You will create content to generate traffic or leads. You need the traffic to generate leads, so work two-handed. You need to bring traffic to your site before generating any leads.

Capture leads in the sales funnel

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of creating an e-book is that it allows you to collect your readers' email addresses, effectively putting them in your sales funnel. The success of this step, however, ultimately depends on your landing page, which allows you to let readers know what information is in your e-book, why it's worth their time and in return their email address. Why is it appropriate to ask for When creating a landing page for your e-book, I like to mention a summary of the core elements of a great landing page.

Choose Your Distribution Networks

Creating content is one thing, it is another thing for people to see it. It is important that you decide on the marketing channel mix to use in delivering your content. There are two main channels for distributing content - organic or paid channels. Money is not required to initiate organic distribution channels. If you are on a budget, organic channels are probably the best approach. The only thing with organic channels is that it takes time to build online authority and credibility. They increase over time and it may take you a few months before you see significant improvement. Some of the most popular organic distribution channels include:

Search engine



When creating your business plan and marketing strategy, you need to follow the right steps to ensure maximum return on investment. Following the strategies in this article will help you generate more leads, increase conversions, and drive more sales for your product or service.