How to manage your time to make daily progress

How to manage your time to make daily progress?

"I want to do it; I just don’t have the time "

How frequently do you use this excuse?

I found people use this excuse frequently as they found it easier reason. If you think about it every individual has 24 hrs time per day. This time is the same for an achiever and loser. How do some people achieve so much in this 24 hours while other keep making an excuse of lack of time and find it difficult to balance professional and personal life. Possibly, these people are lacking compelling reasons to perform. If we ask ‘why people don’t have time for a certain thing?’ The answer could be the lack of a “BURNING DESIRE”. When you will have the answer to “why” and that compelleing reason the – BURNING DESIRE, you will have enough time to live life in a balanced way.

Find your “WHY” and shed the wings of your comfort zone.

Only when you leave your comfort zone behind and fight for that WHY you would be able to find time, energy and effort to achieve it. You might want what others have but for that you need to do what others have done to achieve it. MAKE SACRIFICES

Create your time. How to do that?

You can create time, make time by waking up earlier, not watching videos online that suck up most of the peak time out of your day. You don’t lack time, you just need a more compelling reason to act towards achievement. If you want to be successful and yet you are spending your free time watching the popular NETFLIX series, chances are you won’t have time to do what successful people do.

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