Instagram marketing strategies by digital marketing agency

Instagram marketing strategies by digital marketing agency

With over 8 million business profiles, Instagram is the go-to app for brands so Instagram marketing is a crucial part of every social media marketing strategy. If you want your brand or company to be heard, a well planned Instagram marketing strategy is the answer. We can say that Instagram is the favorite social media platform for most people. You may wonder why is it so? If you ask this to people, they will say ‘because of the pictures’ which makes sense because, in 2017, a digital asset management company named Webdam said that the virtual social media platforms were growing faster than the text-based ones. Instagram lets you beautify your pictures with the help of its various filters and editing tools. So naturally, people get attracted to these edited and beautified photos and it increases their excitement and they spend more and more time on this app. Also not to forget the craving for likes on the photos and the element of FOMO is always present when you are trailing behind on your friends’ posts. These among many other reasons make Instagram quite addictive.

Currently, there are over 1 billion active Instagram accounts every month, with 80 percent of them follow at least 1 business. Moreover, 60 percent of people have reported discovering new products on Instagram. These statistics show why exactly Instagram is the place to be, for the business owners. Let’s discuss the steps through which you can put together a killer Instagram marketing strategy which will make sure that you achieve your goals and objectives through this app.

Determine your Instagram audience

The first thing you need to determine is that who are you trying to reach with Instagram marketing. You need to be certain that your audience is using the app. Market research should be carried out into your target demographic before you start sharing your content. You need to determine the age, gender, location, interests of your target audience so that you can establish that you are providing your content appropriately.

Once you get the demographic you require, you need to determine other behaviors too, such as:

  • The kind of hashtags they are using
  • The locations they hang out at most of the time
  • Other brands they are interested in
  • Who exactly they follow on Instagram

This research about the audience is the first important step in your Instagram marketing strategy and is not that time-consuming.

Determine your objectives and goals

Another important step in your strategy should be determining your objectives and goals. Your business’ objectives and goals should always spearhead your Instagram marketing strategy so that your time and resources don’t get wasted. You need to set up a list of targets you need to achieve through Instagram marketing. The targets differ from company to company. Targets could be anything from growing an engaged community to increase brand awareness, to driving conversions, etc. Every one of these objectives has different KPIs and metrics, which you will have to track. It will require different forms of content. It is very easy to get carried away while creating content, so it is important that you narrow these down early in your Instagram strategy, so that you and your team stay on track.

Study your rivals’ content

The market research also comes handy when it comes to studying your rivals’ content. Analyzing your competition is an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. You should first recognize the big players in your industry on Instagram and monitor them carefully, see what they are doing well and if there’s anything you can improve because you both share the same target audience. You also need to consider some other things like what is their engagement rate, how often they respond to comments, the questions of their followers, the hashtags they use, the type of content they are providing, etc. This will help you in knowing your Instagram audience better and what works best.

Create a content strategy

The most crucial part of your Instagram marketing strategy is determining what to post to exhibit your brand in the best possible way and achieve your goals and objectives. Creating your content requires a huge amount of resources, so you need to make sure that you are doing it right. This step requires contemplating the following forms of content for your audience:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • User-generated content
  • Stories

There are other Instagram techniques too, like contests/giveaways, influencer marketing, collaborations, etc. Another thing you need to make sure is that your Instagram feed is elegant and pleasing to the eye. As you have already carried out research on your Instagram audience and also you have studied your competitors, you should probably know what type of content will work best for you. Apart from this, you should keep looking at various examples of Instagram marketing as well. The famous shoe and clothing brand Adidas, as a part of a campaign to promote their Neo brand, asked their followers to create Adidas-inspired Instagram posts using the hashtag #MyNeoShoot. The ones with the best posts were then invited to model in a professional photo shoot, the results of which would be then rolled out on Adidas’ official Instagram channel. To spread the word about the contest further, Adidas brought in one of Instagram’s most popular celebrities in Selena Gomez. As a result, Adidas generated 71,000 mentions of the #MyNeoShoot hashtag and it also gained 41,000 new followers. This is an example of a great Instagram marketing and it also highlights the power social media influencers possess.

Keep a track on your progress

Make sure that you are spending time to track the important metrics which will help you in finding out what kind of content works best and what doesn’t. It’s completely useless in spending time and resources on content that doesn’t work and fails to achieve its targets. Instagram insights can help you in gaining a basic idea of what’s working with your audience and what is not.

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