Tips To Create The Perfect Brand Story In 2021

Storytelling is a buzzworthy term these days! Since the beginning of time, we have communicated in stories. They capture our attention and we learn best from lessons hidden within those stories. It's no wonder, then, that powerful storytelling is a shared skill among great speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs; great entrepreneurs create great brands. Do you know why? Because great brands explain their story and find ways to tell it masterfully and authentically. Storytelling is all the rage. More and more brands are embracing the power of stories to transform their presence and identity!

What’s in a story, though? How does the story develop authenticity? More to the point, how does such a story build that trusting feeling that customers desire?

The power of great brand stories to create trust

There is a great reason for the popularity of stories among brands, businesses, and individuals! Stories build trust. But not just any random story will do. You must tell a story that has the proper points, points that produce strong neural coupling, plus those which present integrity-building features. So, how do you do this exactly?

Go directly to the core of who you are

What does your business stand for?

Brand stories must follow three essential rules- consistency, persistence, and restraint. It would be easy to change your brand message because you’ve seen a competitor build an excellent website or developed a strong social media campaign, but you need to stay true to your brand. Otherwise, your customers won’t understand what you want to say and sell. You can be creative but don’t go too far from your brand promise. A relatable and well-thought-out brand story could spell the difference between success and failure for your business. Customers want to feel like they’re purchasing products from a brand that can relate to their lifestyle and overall expectations, you shouldn’t focus on keeping a “hard” business face all of the time when it comes to promoting products or services to your potential customers. Most if not all major businesses and organizations develop a brand story that sticks with their business throughout its lifespan.

The story should be simple

One of the most common mistakes in brand storytelling is trying to say too much. It’s far better to tell a really simple story and maximize emotional attachment than bombard people with various stories. You could tell a story about large-scale dilemmas facing the healthcare industry, but showing how these issues affect a real patient gives the story a single focus and makes it simpler to connect to. In short, focus on one person or one problem at a time so you don’t confuse or distract your reader.

Simple stories are always better! Each story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Beginning- Problem. Describe the problem that you set out to solve.

Middle- Solution. Explain how you solved it.

End- Success. Get enthusiastic about the success this produced.

Simple stories are more reliable. As some of the world’s most popular brands have shown, the complexity of the story can erode trust.

Make it appealing

At its essence, a story isn’t only about your company. Your company is the construct, but the purpose of the story is to build a connection with your customers. A great way to make your story appealing is to make it human. It is good, to begin with, the motivations, aspirations, sentiments, and desires that will help your customers see the people behind your business rather than think it abstract. Convey your passions or the difficulties your business has met along the way that have shaped the brand. Express how clients and their experiences have influenced the business idea. To make it even more human, you can add employee stories to your story. Tell your story in such a way that it shows your customers we relate to you, we understand you, we are like you! When your story connects with the customer, you build trust. You win!

Add visuals

To set your story in the minds of your customers, you need to make it live. By attaching images and other visuals, you can communicate more efficiently whilst helping people retain information better. Think about the cavemen, they communicated visually years before languages emerged. Remember, whenever you feel that your point is weak or your story needs emphasis, you can add visuals to make your message more strong.

Stay consistent

Try to remain consistent with every state you claim to share. Customers are very good at spotting dishonesty, so it is better to stay consistent. You should avoid any inconsistency that may confuse your customer. Remember that he or she will rely on their senses. If they feel as if you broke their trust, you are likely to lose a part of your audience.

How can a brand story help my business?

When you buy a product, it’s out of two primary thought patterns, either a need or a want. If you’re buying an item that is needed to maintain your everyday life, you’re likely to look for a few main qualities when buying said item, those are value and trustworthiness. No one buys products from a brand that doesn’t put much effort into their marketing elements or overall public image. You want to purchase products from brands that you trust and believe in, this is the primary reason why you should put time and effort into producing a personable brand story.

Why is storytelling so powerful? Because it triggers a physiological response. A brand story grabs attention, evokes emotion, and engages people, and that goes for storytelling beyond all mediums. When you’re invested in a great story, your brain physically responds to it. Figuring out which stories resonate is an ongoing responsibility, especially if you’re just starting. As you continue to experiment, concentrate on setting your team up for success at every stage. And, of course, don’t be hesitant to bring in support if you require it. Whether you’re stuck on strategy or having difficulty getting content out the door, a creative agency can be a huge asset. Follow our tips to find the best creative agency for you! We are here to help you tell your brand story in any way.